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Durian Tiramisu

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In the spirit of the upcoming Father’s day, I attempted this durian tiramisu recipe. My dad is a durian fanatic and husband is durian lover and so do I. The durian filling is entirely egg-free and that is good because otherwise the cholestrol in this cake would be an over-kill =)

Hmmm this tiramisu would definitely satisfy anyone’s durian craving. The ladyfinger soaking syrup (which contains kahlua, rum, baileys, and coffee) helped tone down the strong durian flavor. The whole thing was divine for me. =)

So if you happen to have any extra durian lying around your house, do give this a try.


Durian Tiramisu

adapted from maameemoomoo

45 ml water
45 ml milk
35ml Bailey
10 ml rum
1 teaspoon vanilla
1.5 tablespoons coffee


250g mascarpone cheese
125 g whipping cream
250g durian flesh, pureed with hand blender
50g sugar
15 -25ml Kahlua

First make the cream and place in the refrigerator.
Beat very well the whip cream + the above sugar until sugar is dissolved, make sure you don’t mix it too much (whip cream can turn to curds if over beaten), and then, beat the cheese for just a few seconds. Combine cream, cheese and durian. Add whisky. Mix well.

For the syrup
Place all the ingredients into a measuring cup and warm 30 seconds in the microwave. It doesn’t need to be hot, just warm would do.

Assemble the cake
Place a layer of lady fingers on the bottom of the baking pan, using exactly half the liquid sprinkle all over the lady fingers, make sure you don’t put too much in one side and less in other areas.

Take a tea strainer and powder with cocoa (about 1 full teaspoon-if needed more add as desire) all over the lady fingers.
Take 1/2 of the cream mixture and place it in the middle of the cake. This is a little tricky… cream tends to stick to the spoon and get loose because of the cocoa powder. What I do, is push the cream towards the sides of the pan, until it touches the walls. The cream must touch the walls all around, and make sure the cream is spread well and no holes are communicating with the lady fingers bellow. We don’t want any liquid to go to the layer bellow.

Place next layer of lady fingers over the cream, sprinkle the rest of the syrup, sprinkle with cocoa and place the rest of the cream on top of everything. Level well and sprinkle plenty with cocoa.

Refrigerate overnight.


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